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What Is the Hammond Sk2 Special Edition?


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I saw that one of our other forum members mentioned a

Hammond SK2 Special Edition. Is this an SK2 with the additional tone wheel editing of the new XK1-c? I would really be interested in a 2-manuel version of that board being that it has the advanced tone wheel editing features and cabinet/leslie options. Will these all be made available in a software update for the SK2? I read on the forum in another thread that the tone wheel editing would be. I was just curious about the other features mentioned in Keyboard Magazines recent review.




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It also has presets and tonewheel tweaks that the Dr uses, wondering how much it will cost ? cant see anyone getting one that already has an Sk or Xk series, but if I were in the market for an Sk2, I would grab one just for the hell of it...

"Ive been playing Hammond since long before anybody paid me to play one, I didn't do it to be cool, I didnt do it to make a statement......I just liked it "


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Although Dr. Lonnie Smith wasn't in attendance this year at NAMM....his "signature" SK2 was on the floor for demo....there was no mention about price...just some additional "custom" Dr. voices and other info that escapes me right now....

BTW...did I mention that Jim Alfredson rocked the Hammond concert!


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