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Monophonic Synths with Octave Pedal


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Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has tried running a mono synth through an octave generator pedal (such as EHX POG).


I've been thinking about this, as a way to create a pseudo-polyphonic sound, but I don't know if it'd be worthwhile at all?




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Yes with different degrees of success. Never used the POG before though.


Octave circuits can behave really differently. Some are very dependent how hot the incoming signal is. On some octave circuits you can have the created notes drop in and out depending on what you do with your signal levels. On quiet parts your octaves can disappear. It will depend on how and where you expression/volume control is going to be. Run the synth fairly hot you should be fine. You need to test drive whateve product you are interested in.


I have a programmable harmonizer I like to play with. You have to setup presets and tell what key then I can setup ocatves or 3rd or 4th or 5th etc..... whatever I want I can have up to 3 new tones plus the original.

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I've thought about it for my old Yamaha CS-01 which only has one oscillator and no sub.

I think you would just get a sub oscillator effect, not really a poly effect.


However I have a Boss ve-20 vocal processor which will add a third and or a fifth above or below. You have to set the key first. So long as you don't have chords going outside the scale you are in, it will give a very polyphonic sound to a mono synth, allowing for major and minor chords.

Also if you only add a third, it will follow the scale you are in, and you can do nice harmony lines. You could use a fifth too of course.

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