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I think it's easier to build certain types of grooves because accents are a bit easier to trigger on an organ keyboard.. on the organ a very soft touch triggers the note (or just a bit of a key click), unlike a piano where you have to hit with more force.. Grace notes and off beat accents seem to play a bigger role with organ bass. Also because of the foldback on an organ, an organists hand tend to stay in one position playing, playing a smaller set of notes, and playing off the thumb or pinky on the root.. I'm an organ player but I don't play much LH bass, certainly not like the jazz players. However that's what I observe about the organists with great LH bass skills.

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Piano has more velocity based percussive possibilities. Organ is good for fat bass but if you run a Leslie not so much.


When I setup a big rig in an L and cover bass the organ is to the right because the any bass work is done on the 88. Either bass guitar patches or piano patches. I like it better in a rock band.


Maybe if the lower rotar was shut off it would work better but I don't do that.

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JMcS, thank you very much for your organ link that has a very nice section on bass lines.


The page on organfreaks is such that a simple copy and paste does not work. Would you know a way to copy that info?

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