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New Bidule demo available


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I know I'm a big cheerleader for this software, but it has been a topic of discussion here among us laptop-rig people. Today a new demo version was posted (the last one expired a while ago). It's fully functional until the end of April, which is a good amount of time to see if it'll work for you.


It's pretty geeky software. While simple setups are not that hard to program, exploiting the full power of this app to custom-configure your setup can take some time and experimentation. There's a whole section of audio-processing modules I've ever touched (and probably never will).


Unfortunately the "manual" is more of a big help file and hasn't been updated in a few versions. However, the support on the user forum is spectacular often one of the devs will reply to a question within the day, sometimes even minutes. And there is never a condescending tone from anyone to even the newbiest of noobs.


It also comes in both Mac (Intel only) & Windows.


I say all this as someone not connected to Plogue in any way except as a very satisfied customer.



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