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What sampling frequency does your synth use ?

Theo Verelst

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And do you care?


E.g. PC3 probably about 50kHz internal, but the samples are often lower rate.


Motifs ? I know the S90 used 48k (24 bit) internal.


Maybe you shouldn't care , but it can well make a difference, though like with Blu-rays and web mp3/movies the general quality is often more of interest, even when higher rates are possible. If you've tried 96k or 192k Samples per Second HDtracks (or other) high def materials at those DA converter rates, you probably know that *can* sound great. For instance because the difference between the highest frequency in the material is way further away from the theoretical limit (half the sampling rate, the Nyquist rate).


Anyhow for me it's a little of interest to have an idea about the various synths out there. Specifically the Prophet 12 (-rack): I'd find interesting to know the modulated delay line and oscillator sampling frequency of!


Theo V.


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My last couple sampling workstations have sampled at 48kHz, 24bit...I think that's gotten to be pretty standard.



For sampling, I don't care, and here's why: audibly, really anything over 44.1kHz is overkill if all you're doing is playing it back. Once you start doing a bunch of editing and DSP processing, the rounding errors with each edit can add up. That's where the higher sample rates and more importantly, greater bit depth really make a difference - cumulative errors. But especially since I'm doing live performance, better than CD quality is more than good enough. It would be a waste to consume more memory, storage space, and processing power. In fact, for some of the stuff I'm doing, 22kHz, 8 bit would work!



Acoustic/Electric stringed instruments ranging from 4 to 230 strings, hammered, picked, fingered, slapped, and plucked. Analog and Digital Electronic instruments, reeds, and throat/mouth.

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Of course some ancient enough Emulator sound will get some funky stuff done, but indeed, a CD quality is desirable...


I try not just to make the effects work, but also to prepare effects for guitar and microphone such that they work through my setup, and hopefully on decent PAs. I think for good PA's you can make a CD that works, but at some point not all-too-crude performances need more than 16 bits, and also 48k with good tweeters at some point becomes either very pro-level (I've experimented with that), or very annoying (in many examples, also here), or very uniformly boring (i.e. just a few "high" frequency possibilities, to the point of kust a few samples).


So I'd rather make sure my 192kS/24b materials sound good, can be put at various volumes, and then go from there!



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