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Anyone work with Linux

Theo Verelst

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Sort of: do any of you musicians/programmers work with Linux sound programs?


Example: Pianoteq under "Jack".


Or: Ladspa plugins in "Ardour" ?


Etc. I use "jack-rack" a lot (with the free and usually easy to download Ladspa "plugins"). using the Jack audio stream management, and am satisfied with that it runs pretty good, and has a "delay guarantee" that every signal path has fixed throughput delay.


I'm going to make a little, easy to understand example with some understandable (and in the long run interesting) plugins from the free Ladspa suite, in a beginners level video, using a network drawing tool I've made and some adapted tools for accurate metering and automatically starting up a whole audio processing chain that I think might interest people.


If none of the non-lurkers uses Linux, I could try out a "Jack for Windows" variation, too. Maybe Jack is also available for Apple machines, I don't know (it's been a while since I made some money working with MacIntosh, or Unix, for that matter).




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One of my co-workers does. He's not a musician though so it's just a geek exercise for him. I don't think he's tried Pianoteq under Jack, but I'll bet someone has on the Pianoteq forum. I'd check there.

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