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iPad App with Chords and Solo Keyboard?


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For a while now, I've been looking for an iPad app that I'd think there'd be dozens of, but I've yet to find one.


It would be a simple music composing app that lets you play a melody line on a keyboard while simultaneously playing a chord (via button or second keyboard) from a (modifiable) selection of chords. So, one finger composing melody, one finger playing supporting chords.


Most of the apps I've downloaded let you make, play and/or record a sequence of chords, but there's no way to play a melody at the same time. I'd like the ability to control the playing of the melody and chords...tinker around with the combinations, you know?


The closest I've found is "SongSynth," but that just plays a push-button chord off the same note you're playing on the (only one-octive) keyboard. What if I want to play a G note in the melody over a chord that isn't rooted in G?


Anyway, hope this makes sense, and hope this app exists and you can steer me to it!

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