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The 20/20 Experience Tour


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Had the chance to snag some cheap nosebleeds to JT's first show of the year yesterday. He's finishing the second of two sold-out nights at Rexall Place as I type this.


Boy. Experience is the right word. This was more than a concert. I was somewhat disappointed at first, as it was my first arena show and I wasn't prepared for the sound quality. I mean, I knew it was gonna be bad, but not that bad. Around songs 3-5 I thought it would dampen my night. But JT, Adam Blackstone and the rest of the Tennessee Kids took care of that. He had drums, aux percussion, bass, guitar, guitar/keys, two keys, five horns, four singers and six dancers with him.


They played for just under 3 hours with a ten-minute break in the middle. Barely any time between songs. Medley after medley after quick transition after quick transition. Justin only talked to the crowd a couple times all night, save the odd shout between songs. Hit material from all 3? 4? solo albums, plus some NSYNC and covers of Heartbreak Hotel, Human Nature and another which slips my mind.


The arrangements were exceptional, very interesting and exciting without ever getting in the way of the song or the show. Everything and everyone had a place and a purpose. The whole thing was rehearsed to a T, synced up with video behind them.


The kicker was when part of the stage lifted up on hydraulics, then drove him and the singers above the floor seats to the VIP lounge at the back of the arena where they did a couple tunes, joined by some of the horns and guitars. Unexpected and impressive.

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Sounds awesome. Thanks for the report!


So you're saying the sounds quality was crappy but the quality of the show itself soon made you forget about it?

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