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OT - See Tower of Power if you can!

Bob L

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Saw Tower of Power last night at Yoshi's in Oakland. Their new singer is amazing. Best I could tell Roger Smith is playing a chopped B3 ( so a "real" one )that sounds awesome(let me know if I am wrong about this) and he has great chops. I've loved the band since my teens and they still sound spectacular! A real treat to see that much musicianship on a single stage.

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Yeah we had a thread about this a little while ago. Tucktronix opened for him. Roger is carrying a Leslie 3300 and new B-3 that Hammond provided.

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My drummer went to Berklee with Ray Greene (the new singer). I think he was a trombone player then (Ray, not my drummer).

We're going to see them in Portland on 2/16. Should be a killer show.

Muzikteechur is Lonnie, in Kittery, Maine.


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Saw them in London last year. Yeh, Larry Braggs performed some of the best live vocals I've EVER heard!


And man, that brass section...makes me die a little inside everytime I even select a brass patch.

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I heard them last year at NAMM. They had Brent Carter on vocals, and I really enjoyed him.


Rocco was playing bass with them last year but I don't think he has been there lately. Who do they have on bass right now?


This band is so resilient that it's scary. They just go on and on.


The ONLY thing I noticed last year was that some of the tempos seemed to go to the races ( evidence of this is on Youtube - TOP NAMM 2013). When Herman Matthews was on drums, this was never an issue.


I would love to hear this new singer. I am sure something will appear online with him soon.

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