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PC88mx lights on but no sound


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Hi, and welcome to the forum. Stick around, there's a lot to learn here. :thu: You may want to consider introducing yourself in the Introductions thread.


As far as your problem, what kind of amplifier do you have the PC88 connected to, and how do you have it connected? Have you tried plugging in headphones to hear if sound comes out that way?

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Hmm, I had similar problems with my non-MX board, in '98 or so. When transporting it in my car, I had to do a sharp turn and a speaker fell onto the PC88 and it was acting strange after that. Could something like that happend to your Kurz recently? Anyway, I'm not sure, but IIRC there was some sound, but very quiet. I went to service it at my local dealer and it turned out something called the "engine board" was busted and I paid around 100-150 USD to have it replaced.


Other things to look for - is the local off in the Global menu enabled? Are any of the CC-pedals 1-4 set to expression or volume, but with no pedals connected? That could make the sound come and go or just stay silent as well, I guess. Have you tried all of the different MIDI Setups - are all dead quiet?


If nothing works, I'd start with Kurzweil support and you might also want to enter Diagnostics Mode and let the PC88 do a couple of self test - and finally, go back to the store and let them know you have problems. Even if it's a 15+ year old board, they must have some kind of warranty for it, right? At least here in Sweden I think all music stores have minimum three months warranty for used gear.

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