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A PC laptop for use with Tyros


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Many utilities and programs, apparently are not Mac friendly in the world of Yamaha Tyros. There are lots of cool, time saving features, files, etc I would like to have access to, on the Yamaha site.

Also, I would like to use a smaller laptop for lyrics / PDF charts, as well. I was thinking iPad, but now PC seems like perhaps a better candidate.

Instead of blindly buying any PC, can suggestions be made to help me choose a better model? I am not looking for anything too powerful, esp for VST's DAWS etc... , no, not for that heavy duty purpose. Of course, if ( if you believe ) it would be foolish to not spend a little more on the PC, to gain a new computer that CAN serve this dual function, let me hear you on this "score"!

I just need some perspective on the PC world. The last time I used a PC there was talk about buying very stripped down operating systems on it. I haven't any knowledge with this, so all suggests will be appreciated. Thank you.

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