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Paul K

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Here's mine for this week. Bonus if you know where the photo was taken.


Ladies and Gentlemen;


Al Roker, my fellow Oswego State alumni, is once again in the thick of things. Details are here: http://www.salon.com/2014/01/08/stuff_it_limbaugh_al_roker_proves_that_the_polar_vortex_is_real/


More questions than answers. Notice that this outdated textbook was circa 1959, yet Mr. Roker graduated in 1976. And did the college bookstores of that era not provide valuable drinking currency in exchange for such used books at the end of the semester? How many times was the milk crate with that book in it not discarded, but instead moved to another dwelling? How irate is Mrs. Roker at this can't-let-go policy? And why would a dual major of graphic design and broadcast engineering be carrying that book around campus in the first place? OK, so maybe one of the under-100-lb undergraduates might have carried that tomb in their backpack on windy Oswego days. But are we to believe that Mr. Roker was also in need of such ballast? Methinks not. Instead, I propose that Mr. Roker was searching for a cool band name. And he found one, but didn't even know it. So. Polar Vortex . It's for sale if you need a cool band name.


My band of one already has a name, and here's the details:


"Dr.K" (yes...that's me.)

Friday January 10

Corks and More

6 till 9 pm

No Cover

All my favorite tunes by Steely Dan, Supertramp, and maybe even a little Jason Mraz for the kids.



Paul K





Things are just the way they are, and they're only going to get worse.

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