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A Spin-Off of the "Old Piano" Thread: Old Hammond Consoles

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Hello again.


As my screen name implies, I am at heart a piano player. But it took buying 2 old Hammond consoles to make me realize this. Glad for the lesson, but as I said in my earlier post on the Old Piano thread, I will be down-sizing in the future and need to get rid of stuff. These are taking up a lot of space. One is a project RT-2 with no sound cabinet. The other is the infamous H series. The RT-2 is in several pieces and the H is living room quality but is a technical orphan. Although a true (and some might argue superior) tone-wheel, the H just isnt a mainstream tone-wheel.


It would help knowing if there was any demand for consoles like these in their condition. Is there any better way than CL for selling/donating/etc. these? Any suggestions from the tone-wheel members of the group?


Thanks of your feedback


Al, the Piano Guy
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The H is definitely donation material. Find a local senior home, donate it, and take a tax deduction. The RT2, if in good condition, could fetch about $500-$1000.
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If the RT2 has later keys, you are basically a Trek II unit away from a C3 with better pedals!


The H...well, the H stands for Heavy. Also, there are about 150 electrolytic caps in one of those néeding replacement.


I would offer $400 on a local RT2 sight unseen provided all the parts were there. $500 with a bench and pedals. More if it worked.

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