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Neo INstruments MiniVent for Organ - Stereo Mod possible?


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Just bought it knowing for the stereo mod, but as it turned out, its only applicable to the classic model. Bruce from ashbysolutions.com explained me that stereo mod for MiniVent organ is possible too but much more expensive, and re-directed me to the Neo Instruments site - well, this is the most obvious place for a qualified information but these guys don't update the site regularly, so what about a customer's question..So, if any of you guys could help me with some proper directions, it would be very nice indeed! Otherwise this pedal would be almost useless for my Nord Electro 3, though for the organs alone its a killer!
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Thanks for your opinion, Sven. That's what I did, actually. I just pointed out out, that their site's news page shows the MiniVents as coming out products while they are already worldwide available in the music stores.


Updating their website is one thing, responding to direct emails is another.


Good luck with your challenge. :wave:

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