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opinions on odd (C) issue sought

d  halfnote

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The Dealio:

In the past, working with a partner, we composed numerous songs.

Most were either clearly created by one or the other.

A few were very mixed.

We're currently at odds (over completely separate, non-musical issues).


My intent is to use some of those compositions for a project that would involve copyrighting them, assigning publishing, etc.

Most are clearly my creations in terms of lyic, melody, etc., involving the former partner's chord progs &/or ideas for title, non-copyrightable things.


However, I'd like to include him as co-author as a gesture of respect (& to avoid charges of rip off). I could just leave him out & be on solid legal ground as author.


What's yer opinion on © &/or publishing material without someone's previous aggreement to be listed as co-writer ?

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Thanks, G, but the questions not ownership or anything .

All that's mine by usual standards.


The trick here is [1] assigning authorship to someone who may disclaim it or2] consigning them to an royalty collection agreementw/out permission.

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Any follow up, d?


While I respect the up-and-up approach, copyright doesn't mean a thing until money is involved. If you think money will be involved then maybe you can afford to consult an entertainment lawyer. He should be able to properly guide your decision to include (or not) your former partner.

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I was checking on another post and saw this.

my question-if your ex-partner in crime disclaims authorship, so what?

you give him credit and he doesn`t want it, if anything that seems to me a green light to go ahead with whatever you want, even if it`s not the way you wanted it. It could be the case that declining co-authorship freezes the whole show-that seems very unlikely but I don`t know the details. Failing that, you did due diligence-move on and work your plan.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


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