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OT: avoided the knife


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So a week ago I had a photo shoot done at my home, with a gorgeous singer I'm working with.


At one point we decide to use my upright piano as a prop, and I need to move it onto the area rug in order to have it in front of the backdrop. This requires lifting it an inch to get up onto the rug.


I use incorrect technique, almost like a bicep curl rather than using my legs.




My left elbow dislocates, then immediately pops back in. Excruciating, burning pain. Greatly impaired ability to lift weight with my left arm. I immediately pop an Aleve, and the shoot continues for the next few hours.


After the shoot, I still have full range of motion. This being holiday season, I've got four gigs lined up in the next three days. Have some trouble loading gear in one-handed, but I make it through all the gigs without any playing issues. Yay.


Finally Went to the doc yesterday. It's now showing bruising on the inner part of my arm (both bicep and forearm). He does a ton of exam, bend this, feeling around the whole time.


Diagnosis: yes, I tore muscle fiber and/or tendons. no, it's not going to require surgery.


Yeah! avoided the knife! Could not be more thankful after a right terrible scare.


Of course, the exam also revealed I have very high blood pressure, and the doc took that way more seriously than the arm. I'm now on two HBP meds. I should mention I haven't been to a doc in more than 5 years -so this was the first trip in a while.


Also, we good results from the photo shoot too. But that's another story.

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Damn! Thank God you made the gigs okay. Could have been so much worse.


I assume your avatar is from the photo shoot pic? That singer looks very, um, talented.

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. . . the exam also revealed I have very high blood pressure . . .


Could have been "white coat syndrome". A lot of us allegedly tough guys quietly freak out in a doctor's office when we're faced with the prospect of medical unpleasantries. The temporary stress pops our BP into the danger zone and the doc starts scribbling scripts and hectoring us about our wastrel lifestyles. A definitive diagnosis usually requires more than just one-off testing.



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I created a lot of crap heath wise for myself. I had gallstones (removed them natural way home), colon cancer (was lucky - got help early), panic attacks which got me to sit in my car, observing entrance to ER at 1-3 AM, waiting for a hart attack to come. I just did not want to call an ambulance or see a doctor for the 100th time. Life forced me to finally look at what I was doing to myself. Now I am happy that all of it happened as it did. I needed a big kick in the but to wake me up. I started looking for causes. What I found to be major cause is suppressed energies of thoughts and feelings. By ignorance we do not use our mind the right way. By wrong thinking and feeling we accumulate these energies in our body. They deposit themselves in muscle and organ tissue and cause the body to malfunction. It took me almost two years to see inside my body as I can see it today. I can feel anger, fear, grief and see where that energy is. Then I can see it as a swinging wave (electromagnetic wave) which then can be let go out of the body. Any one of you can do it. What you need is to know what to look for, concentration - which most of you use every day.


You want to be a better pianist/keyboard player?


From experience and not from a book knowledge I can assure you, that when you think that you body is relaxed it is not so !!! You body is cramped all the time, but when you asleep and do not dream. Your fingers are never really relaxed. That is why they tire. When you let go of enough of that energy (you can feel how it releases from fingers, muscles) your body feels light. It is a wonderful experience.

I have been doing this work for 2.5 years everyday, all the time. You cannot comprehend how much crap we keep inside. It is the hardest work I have done in my 46 years of life. But as I see it now, it is really the only way to a good health and life. Doctors are needed, but we can help them by helping ourselves.


Find out if what I wrote above is true. Do not judge if you do not understand. Read the sources I will post below, do the work, take time, be patient.



What will get you started:

Lester Levenson - after second hard attack in1952 doctors sent him home to die. He lived for another 42 years after finding what caused his problems and fixing it himself. He created the Sedona Method .


The Ultimate Goal in MP3 form

The Ultimate Truth in pdf form.

There are other books and tapes by him which you can find.


If you have questions for me ask.



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