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Jeremiah Savage (Sound Designer)


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New Year's coming up and I've decided (along with a tidier better organsied house) that one of this year's resolutions will be giving up whinging about Native Instruments dumping Kore and championing Maschine.


I've been an admirer of the company since trying an early version of Reaktor after a review in keyboard.


Anyway - this guy - Jeremiah Savage - wow. Every so often I do a google to try to see if he's working for some other company. This link turned up:




So he's still at it. I got distracted by life (having to eat, pay bills, falling in love, having kids) - and have been function band it for two and a half decades (and choir/musical theatre/depping/accompaniment whatever pays).


Still try to find time for side projects that interest me. I'm into real time audio manipulation of acoustic sources. This guy (and the Kore system with all it's morphing possibilities) - blew me away with one of his Kore soundpacks (Acoustic Refractions).


Link is for his latest one - more soundscapey than I do - but delighted he's still around.


(Also - anyone on here able to direct me to an electronic music forum that has active musicians on it that are more Boulez than four to the floor?)

I'm the piano player "off of" Borrowed Books.
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