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SCI Pro-One repair


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I've had my Pro-One since it was new and it has not been used for about the last 13 years. It actually took a belly flop and flipped backwards off a keyboard stand. It landed knobs down and I have not used it since.


I finally took it apart today to see what damage I could see. Surprisingly, I did not see anything broken related to the fall. I plugged it in and powered it up for the first time since it fell. The red LED lights but absolutely no audio.


While I had it apart I took a look at the keybed (J-Wire) and it's in rough shape. The rubber key stops are crumbling and there are 3 black keys that have the little bridge to stop the downward motion broken. Some of the metal prongs are bent from when the black keys were broken so the keys look a little un-even in the area around the broken ones.


I also took a look at the circuit board and again I could not see any damage from the fall, there is some light corrosion in some areas. The switches on the front panel are pretty dirty as well. There is one pot where the knob broke off (envelope amount knob).


I've decided that I want this keyboard repaired. Knowing for sure it does not work and it is broken has made me sad and I realize I don't want to part with it.


I'm thinking about sending it to wine country and let them have a go at it.


I'm interested to know if anyone has any better suggestions?

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