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Compact gate/sidechain solution?


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Hey folks,



I'm a compact guy. I'm a trainriding keyboardist who likes to lug as little as possible. I'm currently exploring the exciting possibility of sidechaining my keyboard with various things, for instance with a drummer's hihat or snare - or my voice -, closing or opening a gate, using a condenser mic. Sounds bloody marvellous, and the possibilities are endless.


So far we have been using a Samson 1U gate/sidechain device in my drummer's rack. It's cool, but it's made to stay in a rack, so it's big and clumsy to lug around. It's got four channels of gate/sidechain, and I really just need one. It could be audio processing, it could also be a MIDI processing thing, which could translate an audio signal into something that could mangle the envelope of my synth. I would just like for it to be compact.


So far I've found very little in that regard. I came across the Rolls CL 151 gate/limiter/compressor, but it looks like its sidechain function is hardwired to the compressor, and the gate function is what I really nice. Besides, there is no attack on its envelope.



Have you guys got an idea as to what could cut the mustard?



Niels :)

When in doubt, superimpose pentatonics.
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Thanks for the quick reply! Funny you should bring up the Really Nice. My drumbeating friend has that, and while it is a genuinely lovely compressor, and the compression/sidechain thing is sweet, it's a gate we're really after.


What we did recently was putting a contact mic on the drummer's hihat stand, thus using the hihat as a carrier for the gate. As I played a steady pad, the gate would only open shortly when the hihat was played. There you have it, gorgeous live-played electro vibes without having to mess with annoying SPDS pads and digital drum samples and whatnot.

When in doubt, superimpose pentatonics.
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