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New- Chick Corea master class


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Very interesting, useful and well done - and the price is right. :D


Only thing, I wouldn't have called it a "Chick Corea Master Class", as one is leaded to believe that it's Chick in person.


Anyway, it's masterfully done and enjoyable. Thank you!





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Re: "master Class" . Master Class usually always means the named artist is holding court. Regulars to Dave Frank's excellent courses know that he is just breaking the tricks and licks down to an understandable level. Frank is exceptional.
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Dave, these videos and this one in particular are great. Funny, too. :D


Might I ask why you use Ybyb instead of Dave Frank or Dave Frank Jazz as your username on here?


I just had a thought of something that might be cool. I'd love to know where Chick might have gotten some of these techniques from. That could be a class in itself. Where did things like "Ten Drummers" or Cycled Harmonies come from? Did someone do this technique before Chick? What earlier ideas did Chick take and advance to what he does now and how? Etc.


Not only would that be interesting history, but it could give us some more fundamental approaches to what he's doing that we could study and hopefully bring ourselves to more of a level where we could start touching on what he's doing.

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Hey Dave, wonderful Master Class! Really enjoyed it. Now are these terms you use "Modal Interchange" etc. commonly used or are they your own inventions? Just wondering for communications purposes.



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As much as Chick crossed over into electronic jazz and became a pioneering electronic keyboardist I don't recall him ever playing a Hammond.

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