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Having trouble with sequencer on Roland Fantom X6


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Hello everybody, first time poster on this board


I play bass and do the keyboard sequencing in an arena rock cover band. The board is a fantom x6. I use cakewalk sonar on a PC. Most of the files I use are purchased midi files from the better producers on the net. I have had a few custom made and done a few easier ones myself. I edit the files in sonar, adding click track , endings, and arranging. I save the files as midi type 0 and transfer to the fantom via USB. Once in the fantom I save the file as a song file (svq file on the fantom) and delete the midi file. I then further edit the file in the fantom, mostly removing control changes and such so I can replace the midi patches and alter volumes etc. this has worked flawlessly for 3+ years and all of sudden I'm having issues. The midi files are fine when played through sonar, however when I put them into the board they are not playing back correctly. Mostly it seems as if notes are vanishing. For example one file recently had the click track stop on measure 22 through 28 and then start again. Other parts coming in and out as well. I also noticed that track 3 when viewing on the mixer view appears to be making volume changes on its own. Anybody out there ever have this similar experience? The older sequenced songs in the board are playing fine, this is happening on the ones I just worked on. I have 43 songs in the board and don't know if I should buy another used fantom x6 and transfer everything over or maybe buy a new board such as the yamaha mox6/ moxf6 and start all over. Any advise/ feedback is appreciated.


Thanks, Jason ..

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Hi Jason.

I don't know if this will help or not but, my X6 was acting really odd.

I noticed in the filter screen when I adjusted the pots, the values would keep changing on there own.

Sent it in for repair and was told the pots roland used were not of the best quality.

The shop replaced all four of mine and now everything is working great !!


Hope this helps.


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