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new fuzz, fuzzy balls boost.. schem, vero, etc inside...


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first up, schematic:




then the vero:




what is it? well, recently an "audio designs fuzzound" was on evilbay with some pics... so me and CRR decided to see what we could make of it.

he's still working out the original, i've already boxed my version, which i call the fuzzy balls boost based on the labeling of the knobs.


very gated, buzzy in your face fuzz, kinda reminiscent of both buzz boxes and univox superfuzzes. cleans up decently at some settings via guitar knob.

inSANEly loud.


i found a hack that gives a nice gain boost, that i don't recall seeing done yet... tho i'm sure someone has.

i took the first stage, which i believe was an emitter follower? with a grounded e...

and at gus smalley's suggestion, played with an r/c network there... i found 470r with a 22u electro cap sounded really good, so i went with that.

i was experimenting with bypassing this network completely with a shunt to ground switch, but it didn't sound all that impressive.

while dicking around, i discovered if i connected the node of q1 e-470r/22u to pin 3 of the fuzz pot, i got a nice boost that was very noticeable. so i hardwired it up.

imho it's a fairly useable hack. again, i haven't seen this done before, but it doesn't mean it hasn't.

IF it hasn't, what the heck did i do? why does it work?

this is very much a thick broken 60's kinda fuzz/buzz, but it cleans up real nice from the guitar. i could probably gig with this if i needed to. like a fuzzface on steroids kinda. to me, it sounds a LOT like a superfuzz.. but only 2 transistors, a pair of npn ge's from a bag a kind forumite sent me, and the diodes are ge, 1n34 or 1n60s.. i don't think it's all that much different tonally.

you could make this into an original pnp style fairly easily... reverse the one electro, the 400X, and the polarity of the power supply. indeed, if you leave off the electro , the small value cap, the 100r and the 400x, and add a switch actoss the fuzz pot for bypass, you'll have the original circuit.

all caps on the original were electros of indeterminate value. still trying to work all that out,

but this is my version, based on the original which has some questions about it.

imho, it works and sounds great. here's a stupid pedal trick:




schematic and vero above are what you hear in the video.

my hfe's are 80q1 and 90q2.


will try and remember to grab some voltages next time i'm near it.

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