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New article about the "Wrecking Crew" documentary

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I read this last night and was trying to determine if in fact that is Carol Kaye in the photo--she's playing a guitar, not the bass, but then she is also a talented guitarist.


There's a pretty good book titled "The Wrecking Crew" by Kent Hartman that details many of the musicians and artists involved. I can't wait to see this documentary.

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I've been pretty interested in this documentary since I first heard about it. I had been getting a bit discouraged about the project since it seemed to be perpetually in festival showings. And every update that I had seen about the film kept on talking about the significant expense of the music licensing.


Frankly, I'm a little surprised that it took until now for Denny Tedesco to go the crowdfunding route. But it's encouraging to see that the campaign has already raised over $150,000. They've got 2 weeks to raise another $98,000. And given the profile of that New Yorker article? I think they stand a chance of reaching the $250,000 goal.


***EDIT - OMG, we have a thread on The Wrecking Crew stretching back some 5 years?!?!?

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I have a sad Carole Kaye story. Well, sad for me, not her.


It was NAMM 2005 (2006?), and I had met a bunch of Lowdowners for the very first time. Bumpcity, the late great Adrian Garcia, and JeremyC. I had come to this NAMM specifically to meet Carey Nordstrand.


Anyway, I had gone back up to the main hall to schmooze with old friends and to check out synths. It was LOUD...the infamous noise police were writing tickets like crazy. At about 4:30pm, I decided to walk back to the attached hotel for a bite to eat and to see my wife, who had taken my daughter to Disney. I got back to the room and noticed I had gotten a voice mail about three hours before.


It was JeremyC. "Sam, get up to the Ibanez area, I'm about to play with Carole."




Since then I've corresponded with her many times...she, like most bass players, is very generous with her replies. But I regret not seeing that little jam.

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Carol Kaye's bass lesson, initially several typed and copied sheets stapled together with notations, and packaged with an audiocassette, in a plastic bag, were the first lessons I learned, she's a great teacher.

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