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Apparently, there's a "tutorial" of sorts available for use on a PS3 that supposedly teaches one how to play guitar. We've all seen other gleeps that claimed to be the "best" like Esteban and some other jerk mentioned in these forums, and this one will probably be approached with some skepticism.


Anyone here know anything about this one? Is it another waste of time, or does it have any merit?


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I think it probably works... at least as well as the teachers who show students every note to play and write them tab for songs they bring in...


Whether people grasp theory and develop an ear that allows them to become accomplished musicians from it is up to each player on their own.


But it seems to approach things in the right way... building mechanics, increasing difficulty level according to skill, with the bonus of having a visual environment to demystify music.


I might get it to start my kid on in a few years.

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It seems to me that computer technology permeates every facet of our existence. We carry phones in our pocket that have more computing power than the original IBM-PC and have machines on our desks that are capable of launching the space shuttle.


If computers can help us learn faster and with better comprehension, then terrific. My one concern is that it distracts us away from "The Journey". You gents know what it takes to be good - blood, sweat and tears. Many of us have spent literally thousands of hours honing our craft and it is this effort and commitment that makes musicians.


I guess that I'm in favor of technology in the service of Art. I just hope that the technology doesn't overshadow the Art.


Also, this may very well have more merit than the snake oil salesmen like Ralph Paul, "The best guitar teacher in the country".


If this post seems confused and disjointed, it's because I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this. :confused:

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