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Slightly OT: Da Vinci's Viola Organista


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That sounds great. It sounds like a small string orchestra.


Even though it is related to the hurdy gurdy, it sounds very different.


My wife has a hurdy gurdy which she built many years ago. It works on the same principle: you turn a crank which is connected to a wheel which "bows" the strings. It has a keyboard. The keys are connected to small posts which "fret" the string and you can only play one scale. My wife's hurdy gurdy has one melody string and two drone strings.

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Can anyone help me out . . . I'm trying to search for . . . something similar to this. It was a thread about a single-cylinder piano thing that seemed to operate on the same principle as this instrument. Bowed strings as opposed to hammered strings. Anyone remember what I'm thinking of?


And, a related question; were [the thing I'm remembering] and the instrument linked to in this thread developed by the same people? Or is it an odd coincidence that two bowed-string piano instruments hit the interwebs within a year of each other?

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