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Somebody's thinking of us...


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Good for JAL. Unfortunately I feel they are quite alone in the airline industry in feeling any sense of responsibility for their customers' belongings.


I was traveling to a festival this summer with Wu Man, the Chinese pipa virtuoso. The last leg was on a small US Airways commuter plane & Wu Man's pipa wouldn't fit in the overhead bin. There was an empty seat, the pipa could easily have been strapped in, as we do with the cello. The flight attendant, however, insisted that the instrument had to be checked into the baggage hold & took it away from Wu Man. On her way the up aisle the attendant dropped the pipa, snapping off the tuning head. No apology whatsoever. This lack of courtesy or sense of responsibility ended up costing US Air about $10,000 for a new handmade instrument. This was extreme, but it is not untypical of the complete lack of regard the airlines feel toward their clientele.

Scott Fraser
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Ya, I should probably not be opening this can of worms but, I do a fair amount of international travel. I try to avoid U.S. carriers as much as possible. I wish that was not the case, and it`s not just getting charged for drinks although that is particularly annoying. It`s the freakin attitude. I`ve heard the captain get on the PA and talk like he was addressing an unruly class. After a bad experience with Delta, the travel guy told me they are #1 for complaints. Right, thanks for the warning buddy...

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