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looking for studio keyboard + controller + computer stand


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I'm looking for a free-standing studio stand for my MPK-88, controllers, and computer and coming up short.


The shelf for the keyboard needs to be 56" or wider and at least 18" deep. I want to play standing so it should be 38" high.


The recessed upper shelf, for the MC-40, computer keyboard, trackball, and monitor should be 45-46" high and the depth at least 12" and at least 6" less than the lower shelf. I don't use the controls on the MPK since they mostly duplicate those on the MPC-40, but a cutout for the drum pads would be a plus. One or more additional shelves might also be a plus.


The Raxxess Etude would work if it were a few inches taller and more adjustable.

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After some experimentation I got some modular shelving from a restaurant supply store.




Total cost for two shelves and four posts with tax and shipping was under $170. I don't really need two shelves, I just figure it wouldn't be stable with only one. So I have a 60" wide, 24" deep shelf over my keyboard.





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