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Native Instruments Thanksgiving Day Sale


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I have resisted upgrading my installed Komplete 6 for several reasons; however, I am gonna go ahead and spring for this. At the same time, I will replace my softsynth harddrive as the drive they are currently installed on is almost at the 5 year mark, and I am a firm believer in MTBF stats. Newegg has some good deals on 500GB SSD device so I will spring for one of these as well.

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Finally getting into the Native Instruments game.


First heard of them - Joe someone writing in Keyboard reviewing Reaktor Session? Think he was a guitar player editor person from Guitar Player.


Got Kore and quite a few of the add-ons. Wonderful.


Feckers dropped Kore have been promoting Maschine like it's the best thing since sliced MPC - but Kontakt - quality library.


NI - I totally love/hate you.

I'm the piano player "off of" Borrowed Books.
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So Kontakt finally arrived yesterday... Silly me, when I ordered it I didn't realize the system requirements were for OSX 10.7. I'm still running 10.6.8. Found a workaround to the Service Center preventing me from installing, and every library I've installed works EXCEPT for Scarbee Mark 1 (which I guess was part of the Komplete upgraded set). Anyone know if there's a workaround for Scarbee Mk1 to work under 10.6? The A200 & Clavinet both work, just the Mk1 won't load.

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