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OMG unbelievable

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I've only heard about one other confirmed babyraper before this, Donald "Pee-Wee" Henry Gaskins. The one good bit of news out of the article is that, apparently, he resisted an early plea-bargain or cooperating in any way, so he's not eligible for any reduction of his sentence.


I feel for all of his victims, his bandmates & fans included.

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Sick puppies, who would be suitable for my firearms target practice routine if one of those kids was in my family. I try not to be prejudiced against any one section of society, but those who harm the innocent are less than human in my opinion.
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You mean as in not the only pedo rocker? Yeah, that I knew.


Oh okay-I don`t keep score or anything but it`s hard to avoid when it`s someone well-known.

The Lost Prophets coincidentally, have a name that`s so close to a band I was in that for a while I wondered if we had been infringed.

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No politics, nothing on capital punishment, not wanting to start an argument. All I have to say about it is there are guys in prison waiting for dudes like that to show up. Many of them were abused as kids, sexually and physically, and they love getting a little payback for guys like that. He won't last a week unless he's locked up in solitary.

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