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Beleted - RIP Stevie Hill


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I just found out. Around the end of September Stevie Hill passed away from the leukemia he has been fighting for the last 6 years.


I did a thread search for a thread regarding his passing but couldn't find one. Maybe he is not well known to the membership here. I bet Moe may know who he is. He was founder and keyboardist of Bloodrock.


He was a favorite of mine. I really liked their stuff. He and Goldy were influences of mine.









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Very underrated band. Although DOA was their 'hit song' so to speak, songs like Jessica and Lucky In The Morning (among others) were favorites of mine. Such good keys and guitar work going on in that band. Hate to hear of Stevie's passing.

John Cassetty


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Sorry to hear this. Not a surprise but very sad nonetheless. Was just unsucessfully trying to find out how he was doing a couple of weeks ago. Stevie was a great player and a big influence on my own playing. My band in '71/'72 covered a lot of Bloodrock. Great organ rock. Glad I at least got to see them at the Fillmore East. They did not disappoint. Still a fan. R.I.P. Stevie.
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