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Need ultra-sturdy pole mounts for QSC K10's


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I have a pair of K12's that I am setting up in my rec room. I need the bottom of the speakers to be about 5 feet off the floor. I have a set of pole stands made by "On Stage Stands" that are pretty darn wobbly. They have a triangular shaped base.


Can anyone recommend a heavier duty product that would be more solid. I saw on the QSC website that they sell a Yoke thing that would be bolted into the wall -or- a mounting kit that would enable the speakers to be suspended by wires from the ceiling. I would prefer pole stands if anybody knows of any.


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Where does it wobble?


I have two sets of pole stands: a pair of taller Ultimate Support stands I got in '82 that cost a pretty penny at the time ($150?), and an inexpensive pair of Proline's I got in the last 5 years ($80), which stand 45" closed up, and rise to 76" fully extended. Neither type wobbles one bit, and any stand worth buying shouldn't wobble at all. Of course, the speaker will wobble on top if the mount isn't compatible.


Proline stands at MF


I've had OnStage guitar and keyboard stands, and don't find any fault with them, provided you get the right gear for the job.


I bet these for $50 are fine, too. If you gig them regularly, the bag is a serious help. I got two OnStage stand bags for $20 each on one of MF's "Stupid" deals (thanks to a post from a KC member) and they've paid for themselves long ago.


I've mounted speakers to the ceiling (in basements) and when possible that's great because stands use up a lot of real estate. I didn't bother with any special hardware, just screw hooks and nylon cord (4 hooks and two cords per speaker). I did mount them close to the ceiling, though, and that always worked out well. The higher up they are, the less they'll be blasting in someone's ear when they're too close.

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If you have a store that carries Yorkville, they make heavy duty speaker stands that are very good IMHO. I paid $100 for a pair with a gig bag.

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Those K10s are pretty light. You don't need heavy duty stands. You just need stands with a tighter fit to the speaker's pole cup.


I've got two sets of On Stage stands and use them with several sets of cabs - everything from 30 pound M-Audio GSR112s to 50 pound JBL SRX715s to 85 pound Yorkville EF508s. Everything fits pretty snug so I'm not sure what's going on.


There's always going to be a bit of a wobble with these things because you have to be able to slide the cabs on and off. Is that what you're experiencing? Instead of buying new stands you could try shimming them (sticking a small piece of paper or wood between the stand and pole mount).

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+1 for Ultimate.


I've got some cheaper stands that I got when I needed to use my K10 for a wedding. It worked, but really flimsy - I wouldn't gig with it where there are people around.


The ultimate stands are solid.


There's always a touch of wobble in the pole mount but it is minimal. When you have crappy stands and the poles flex with each wobble, it makes it 10 times worse.



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