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Buying a used Voyager. What to check/look out for?


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Hello all:


I am thinking of hunting down a Voyager and wonder, aside from carefully playing all of the keys, checking tuning stability and turning the knobs, what should I be focusing on during a test drive?





getting out of there as quickly as possible before the seller changes his mind! :laugh:

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I bought mine off eBay, wasn't worried. Voyagers are typically purchased by serious consumers, and few are gigged. Heed Marks advice and you most likely will be fine. $2000 Canadian is a buyers price, can see why it went so quickly.

Hey Mark, what happened to your Avatar?

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I have one that I got 5 years ago... I have toured it extensively and i sits in its case and looks and plays like new. I wouldn't worry to much about it if it looks well taken care of and functions perfectly. They are very well built!


Make sure that the panel light works (if its there) though. It's not that important, but it should give you a discount


Make sure that mod and bender wheels are firm and works properly. Also the touchpad. I guess that these are the parts that would be most likely to malfunction.

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A couple issues I have with mine: the left channel of the headphone output has died. The other night I had a weird thing where, when I'd switch the footage of osc 2, the lfo would suddenly modulate pitch as though I had engaged the mod wheel. It only happened twice and only during the movement of the pot. Could just be fuzz in the pot. Other than that, it's solid and sounds fabulous. Good luck.

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