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New member of my keyboard family

C.J. Lewis

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There was one around here, a few years ago. I was tempted, even though the keybed had been abused rather badly. Yours is pristine. :thu:


Beautiful instrument. Most people use it as a VA. The phys mod and VPM parts of it alone are a whole additional world.

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You will love your Z1. IMHO one of the most versatile synths Korg ever put out. I've had mine for 9 years now (the 18-voice version with the voice expansion card), and it is still working strong for me.


It's currently pulling triple-duty as the only common keyboard between 3 different bands/key-rigs. I use it 60% to 70% just for its organs alone (IMO better organs than the Triton, as the organs are modeled not sampled). A real workhorse of a board for me, I will never sell it.

Kurzweil PC3, Yamaha MOX8, Alesis Ion, Kawai K3M
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Yeah, this one is nice...a little dirt on the XY pad, but that'll clean easily enough. Allan, you forget - I visit music stores for a living :thu:


synthizen2 - I believe I will, too - I'll probably never use it to its potential because I'm still stuck on the first 12 patches in Omnisphere that inspired me :D



Main stuff: Yamaha CP88 | Korg Kronos 2 73 | Kurzweil Forte 7 | 1898 Steinway I

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