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New KeyB organ - KeyB Live


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There is a new KeyB organ - KeyB live.



PIM Physical Instrument Modeling

Keyboards Upper Keyboard - 61 notes [waterfall keyboard]

Lower Keyboard - 61 notes [waterfall keyboard]

Pedal Keyboard (optional) - 25 notes

Drawbars - Upper 2 sets of nine drawbars:

16- 5(1/3)- 8 - 4 - 2(2/3) - 2 - 1(3/5) - 1(1/3) - 1

Drawbars - Lower 1 set of nine drawbars:

16- 5(1/3)- 8 - 4 - 2(2/3) - 2 - 1(3/5) - 1(1/3) - 1

Drawbars - Pedals 2 drawbars: 16 & 8

Drawbars Set Select Upper Drawbar Set (A or B) + 4 presets and

Upper MIDI Local On/Off

Lower Drawbar Set A + 4 presets and

Upper MIDI Local On/Off

Effects Controls Lower Drawbars B Set:

Volume, Reverb, Overdrive, Key Click, Crosstalk, Percussion Volume, Percussion Decay, String bass pedals decay


Upper Panel:

Transpose/Clonewheel, Pitch Bend


Lower Panel:

Bass, Treble, Tuning, Pedal to Lower, Direct out on L/R, Pedals to direct out only, Rotary Simulation (with three-way switch)

String Bass String Bass On/Off, Decay Control (on Lower Drawbars B set)

Vibrato/Chorus Upper On/Off, Lower & Pedal On/Off

Select, V-1, V-2, V-3, C-1, C-2, C-3

Harmonic Percussion On/Off, Volume Soft or Normal, Decay Fast or Normal, Harmonic Percussion 2nd or 3rd

Percussion Level and Percussion Decay Controls

Connectors Left & Right Line Out

Pedals Direct Out

11" pin Rotary Speaker

TRS Stereo Headphone

TRS Digital Expression Pedal

1/4" Rotary Simulation Footswitch

USB Port (KeyB Organ Upgrade only)





1 KeyB Organ Pedalboard IN

Dimensions Width:101cm (40,16")

Height:17cm (7,09")

Depth: 54cm (21,26")

KeyB Live

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sorry, couldn't resist. It's been mentioned a couple times before and looks pretty cool. I look forward to checking it out at NAMM. Elvio has always come across as a good guy and I'm happy to see him moving forward and putting the shady DMI debacle behind him.

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Hmmmm I wonder if Elvio is going to make it to NAMM with the Key B Live.


It looks like this is the Key B with Numa type switching. I haven't had any issues with the Numa switches in 3 years or so since I have had mine. Basically they remind me of land line touch tone telephone switches, which worked for years on those types of phones.


The other thing is that this organ uses a drawbar for volume control, bass, treble , overdrive and percussion volume. We will have to see how we like that concept. I am not sure. I kind of like the Numa contols as placed on the right side as volume knobs ( thank you) so that bass lines can be maintained while playing. I have never tried using a drawbar as volume knob.


It's good to see percussion volume as a drawbar function. It's also good to have this without having to go into an edit menu. The Key B differs from the Mojo in that there isn't an edit menu.


After having a Numa for 3 years I can say that I never once felt like I wanted to tweak the leslie sim - ever. I am thankful for the hours I did not waste diddling with this.


It should be a hit on the rental market because of its ease of functions.


I am not sure that we will be seeing this at NAMM unfortunately. I hope we do, but not sure we will.

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The KeyB Live seems to be alive (at least here in Europe).

Alberto Marsico is actual on tour with the KeyB Live!

Cool !

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