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OT - What are you listening to right now?

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Phil Manzanera's "La Nueva Ola"


An excellent selection for Saturday breakfast time. Relatively simple, yet engaging.




"Europe 70-1"


This piece has mesmerized me for years.



"You're not authorized to define what reality is."
      ~ "The Wandering Earth II"

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On 2/26/2023 at 5:15 AM, D. Gauss said:

best pop album (with non dance or hip hop style songs) top to bottom i've heard in ages. dude can write:

And is a world-class expert on Oasis!


Cheers, Mike.

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This live version of a fine old Jackson Browne song features two recently departed greats:  Jeff Young (Hammond organ, backing vocals)
and David Lindley (lap slide guitar):



“It’s as if we're all devices made by some big tech company, designed to start falling apart the instant the warranty expires and to be ingeniously difficult to repair, with zero support for older models.”


--Tim Kreider, on the afflictions that beset us as we move from middle to old age. 

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I was having a particularly bad time with spam calls/robo calls (which I do not answer, but they still interrupt you) when I heard this song on a pod-cast.  Brief language.


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