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Hammond XB-5 Pedalboard 13-pin to MIDI


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I recently inherited a Hammond XB-5 Organ, complete with pedalboard (XPK-25). To use the pedalboard on gigs with my Nord Electro, I was hoping to run the 13 pin pedalboard into a Roland GI-10 (to convert the signal to MIDI), but it seems to suck too much juice out of it, and the display turns off when I plug the 13 pin cable into it.


Is there any simple way to use the 13-pin pedalboard with midi, or a (relatively) easy way to convert the pedalboard to having a midi output?


Thank you.

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If the pedalboard connects to the XB-5 the same way it does to the XK-System, the pedalboard connects to the Expression pedal and there are 2 cables in/out of the pedal. One is a MIDI cable and the other is the power to the pedalboard (I don't think it gets its power from the MIDI cable *) and expression control. You would need to figure out which wires in the Expression cable provide power to the pedalboard. You could probably follow the wires from the MIDI connector on the expression pedal to the pedalboard connection to figure out which ones they are. Try making just a MIDI connector to see if it works and if it doesn't figure out which of the other wires are the power wires.


I think someone has done this kind of project before but I can't remember on which forum it was discussed. It also may have been a pedalboard for a different brand.


* I don't have time to check now but I am 99% positive the pedalboard won't work if only the MIDI cable is connected to the Expression pedal.

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Trying using the Roland GI10 isn't a good idea, IMHO. It is made for Roland hexaphonic microphone guitar interfaces, which are aren't electronically similar to your pedal board. Just beacuse the connecter fits doesn't mean you should connect it. You might end up damaging both the GI10 and the pedal board.

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