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TC Electronics BG 250. Thoughts?


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The BG250 is going for 300.00 at GC. What amazed me about it was that it sounded pretty hi fi out of the 15, and it only weighs 35 lbs. the thing that may be a deal breaker for me is the lack of an effects send/return.


Does anyone own this amp?

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I've owned this amp about a year for practices in a start-up band. I've played bass off/on since the 60's. Here's my take:

1st had a GK MB210 (350W into two 10"; can go 500W with extension cab). If you like the GK sound (pronounced mids), it's fine but after 2 months I couldn't EQ out that GK sound to get a fuller tone. Took it back to GCenter and did a side by side against the BG250. The BG250's 250W is LOUDER than the GK's 350W! At home I had the GK cranked full and could take it in a smallish room. No way I can take the volume of the BG250 in that room. The BG250 is: more versatile, can dial in a broad range of tones; light (yeah!); built in tuner is great as long as you maintain a 440A reference, which is standard; can give you "Tube Tone" and a second effect at a time with the Tone Print feature (NOTE: new versions of the BG250 have 2 Tone Print effects i.e. Tube Tone isn't standard; new versions also have a choice of one 15" (same as my original version), two 10", two 8", or one 12" speaker at different prices.


I was "seduced" by an Ibanez Promethean half stack amp (8 ohm 410 cab with head at 500W into 4 ohms, about 350W into 8 ohms). I did another side by side after spending a lot of time with each amp dialing in the EQ and cranking the volume of both to their maximum "useable" volume (just before distorting). The half stack sounded a hair louder and a touch fuller. Give the difference in price and weight, I stuck with my BG250. If I need more volume at some point, I'll buy a 2nd BG250 and get a splitter box into both. That way, if one goes out at a gig I still have something and could feed into the PA system.


Hope this helps! Post any questions I've not addressed.

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