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Put It Where You Want It? Joe Sample signature lick?


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I was enriched by the responses to my request for last minute help on What You Won't Do For Love... now I am struggling with that Wurlitzer rendered lick on the intro of Put it Where You want it... I don't want to guess, or play it inexactly. So If you happen to know the lick, and can show it here, I would be very happy about that.

I play in a guitar trio on keys, and I have to play bass lines on keys for that tune. I have no clue how I can do it, but that opening lick will be a start.

Thank you

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Depending on which version you're listening to, Joe Sample has played this differently over the years. Although the chromatic chord passages written out in the RealBook version (first bar, beats 3&4) is theoretically correct, much of the chromaticism is implied; it's rarely ever played that way note for note. You can hear this in the version from "Sample This" (July 1997...posted below). It sounds meatier and bluesier to me, especially the 3rd chord (it contains a Gb on the bottom, not F natural).


Anyway, so long as you have the feel for the basic motif, pick any version and make it your own.



Intro transcription as heard here:



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Many thanks to BernMeister & wmp for posting the transcriptions.


I came very late to the table with this tune. Larry Knechtel introduced me to "Put It Where You Want It." It was around Christmas time in 2007 and he was playing with a local artist at one our of popular bars. Now, the group was prepping for a New Year's Eve gig and began with the same tunes they had been playing forever. All of the sudden, this tune came up and the moderately educated audience (myself included), perked up and was quite stoked. The band killed it if I remember correctly.


Larry and I had lunch a few days later and I asked him what the tune was. It was Larry's idea to include it in the set list.

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Wow you guys are fast, as soon as I saw the title I thought great I have that chart, I'll post it but naaa.


Here's Larry Carleton's version. Basically the same thing but with a nice guitar figure as an intro, you can find this on Youtube:




Rather than start a new thread, how about a chart for Carmel? I've been working on that one for a bit but no chart just my ears and a few Youtube vids.



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LOL! I used to do this tune all the time - and I could never play that real book transcription - I always simplified to something like the Bern version. Great stuff.


I have a great Joe Sample transcription book - contemporary Keyboardist or something like that - and there is a great transcriptio of Carmel in that - Rainbow Seeker too. I think its a Cherry Lane book - might still be around. Maybe Hal Leonard.


I never understoond why there weren't more transcriptions of this kind of material around. Nice to finally see a best of jeff lorber but some of the tunes choices are not what I would have picked.

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I always loved this tune - thanks for posting the notes!


The live version posted above sounds a little anaemic compared to the original cut, though:







Here´s another live vid w/ Joe on the Rhodes and he plays a cool solo at 5:00min too ...





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