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Tomorrow night I'm a synth-bassist! [Roland GAIA]


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I've got a one-off show tomorrow night with a very quirky local band that's been around the last 30-odd years. It's part of something called "Trashfest." Apparently the stage and venue are filled with trash and the audience is *encouraged* to throw things at the band! All safe stuff though - paper, styrofoam, etc.




I was invited on keys but realized they didn't have a bass so I offered to do that. Then we settled on synth bass after leaning the singer had a Roland GAIA he knew nothing about using. Cool! We channel early '80's DEVO.


The point of this post? Just to share the fun in getting thrown at a strange board and making it work. I came up with half a dozen bass sounds all tweaked from presets. It's a pretty neat hands-on board and definitely is fitting the bill for this gig.

Nord Lead A1; Yamaha P-125; QSC K10; Cubase 11 Pro; Windows 10
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