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18 Months with my K&M Spider Pro


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I've been using my Spider Pro weekly for 18 months now so I figured I would share this:


At just about the 1 year mark, I noticed that one of the legs would fold out further than the other three. I contacted support and they told me it was due to the curved plastic pieces wearing flat that keep the legs from hyper-extending. They promptly sent me a replacement plastic piece. Within 2 months, I have the exact same issue. They need to rethink the design but it still doesn't keep me from using it.


I also find that it sits much higher than my Ultimate AX-48 Pro. That's fine except when I set up facing the audience and the stage is elevated. People say they can only see my head!


When I used a Fantom-X with weighted keys along with the mic mounted to the Spider Pro, the sound guys said they could always hear me hitting the keys through the mic. Now that I use non-weighted there are no complaints.


Yep - it's a heavy stand but I always get compliments about it. It's also autographed by Dr. Fink from Prince (now he's in the Purple Experience). He asks to use the stand every time he is in town.

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