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Mac Mini Recording Package

Wally Malone

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I guess it is a set of reasonable choices in every department of a home studio. If each of these is a very reasonable choice, or the one everybody would choose, or the one you would choose, after an informed comparison, is open to discussion.

In my opinion the Mac mini is a very good choice because you get more computer for the money giving up portability (macbook) or style (iMac) and buying someone else's display which is still a good display, but cheaper. If portability is not interesting, it is a choice I second.

The audio interface is a good brand and looks interesting. I bought a FocusRite because I wanted one more stereo channel for mixing keyboards, for example. If you do not have particular needs, most audio interfaces are good enough.

Microphones and monitors are something on which ten different people have ten different opinions. Here it is a matter of price and quality, I guess.

The software part lists all the major names, but I wonder if you have a fully licensed product for each name: for example, do you have a full copy of Live and Cubase in the package?

-- Michele Costabile (http://proxybar.net)
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I have a pretty good opinion of Focusrite preamps and their sound card is the best sounding I had in my home, so you don't need a new audio input.

I am not sure if I would buy Alesis monitors after an extensive comparison, maybe, but to go right I use a practical approach: what do most professional choose (WDMPC)? This might be Yamaha in the low price range or Genelec. So, the package is interesting if you really like those monitors.

Microphones are an other complicated arena, where the WDMPC approach might solve the question. I see it reasonable to have one condenser and one dynamic microphone.

Of course, informed choices made by a seller should be taken as reasonable advice, but after some experience my own choices might differ.

Finally, variable number one is the price. If it is a killer deal, that might iron out all the wrinkles.

-- Michele Costabile (http://proxybar.net)
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