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OT: Veteran's Day


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Hey Gents,


Don't forget to think about our veterans today. If you meet one on the street, thank him/her for their service and shake their hand.


Freedom isn't free!


[font:Comic Sans MS]Truth![/font]

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


~ Caevan James-Michael Miller-O'Shite ~

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A shout out to all of my fellow veterans who served at home and abroad and to all of their families who sacrifice the time away from their loved ones. Special recognition to all of our active duty troops and to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice!
Take care, Larryz
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My buddies who are vets would say freedom IS almost free when you look at it from the amount they were paid!


But all levity aside, I'm always grateful for the sacrifices of time and placement these made in the course of their duty.


I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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