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OT: Thank You Veterans


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I recently ran across a vet sporting a Navy cap with both Korean and Gulf War emblems on it. I said "Hey Navy, got a minute?" "Sure, what's up?" "I appreciate what you and yours have done, but in the last few rounds, I don't think you've been sent on honest missions. I have to separate what you do from the politics, which smell bad too often. What do you say about the overall missions now?" "Its pretty simple. If we don't stay on top of them, they'll swarm all over us because they're largely crazy. I know its hard to watch, but its a vital holding action." I said "Good enough for me." (I've compressed it to post; he gave examples of several junctures where events needed a push to turn out more positively and they were rationally devised.)


What really galls me is seeing the economy diddled until more people go into the military for an income and end up seeing their families on food stamps as a result. Excuse me? Why should service drag the family unit down like that? Then there was that ugly mess where Walter Reed hospital was allowed to fall into serious disrepair. THAT needs attention as much as any external threat. These people don't operate alone; they have families who serve along with them in subtle yet meaningful ways, because they have to be absent so much. Its a group sacrifice; there's no army of one, really. So in the midst of our patriotism, let's remember to petition and vote for better veteran care, which comes within personal reach regularly. That's the other, more human side of the flag we wave.


"America's about to become a TV show that's a cross between The Walking Dead and The Golden Girls."
       ~ Scott Galloway

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A special thanks to the veterans in my life: My grandfather who served in the Navy in the Pacific Fleet in WW2, my dad who served in the Naval Reserve for 26 years, my brother who served in Army Intelligence, military advisor to the OSCE and instructor at the Command and General Staff College, my nephew Ian who served in Afghanistan this year and my niece Madeline who is in Army ROTC and will receive her commission upon graduation next May.




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USAF 1987-2011

Iraq 1991

Iraq 2005-2006


Three kids who are vets, my daughter did two tours in Iraq in the Army. Father was a Vietnam Vet; 275 combat missions in the F-100 in 69-70. My brother was USAF from 1979-2000. I'm named after my uncle who was killed in a B-52 crash in 1965.


Thanks for your support!

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I worked as a veterans counselor for ten years, which included veterans who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam. Personally, I can't think of a better bunch of guys (and gals!). It was an honor to have served you.

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

- George Bernard Shaw


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