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OT: Cool!


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I've lived through several "eras" of slang. From "wayout, daddy-o" to "sick", and one word used as slang seems to have never left, and transcended across several generations.




Get this: Yesterday, while in a Meijer's store, I was passing through the Men's section of the clothing area, and a guy who looked to be my age(62)was looking at a shirt of some kind, and told his wife, "This looks kinda cool!" A minute later, I overheard some kid of about eight or nine holding a video game box and exclaim, "Aw! COOL!"


Wikipedia states that the word has taken on many different connotations, from attitude to expression of approval, and is so ingrained in American vernacular that it no longer CAN be considered slang. Even the emotion that's tagged to this thread is referred to as "cool". You could overuse this word in a sentence and get practically all of it's meanings put forward.


The cool breeze caused his anger to cool as he listened to the cool jazz playing on the radio, and made him think how cool it was that his feelings started to cool towards the girl with the cool disposition.




What do YOU think? Is this "cool", or what?


I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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