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Digitech Stompbox Big price Drop:Apps gone free


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Well, the 47(?) now free apps are downloading as I type but the price change on the hardware pedal hasn't materialized yet. It's supposed to drop from $150 to $50 today, but not seen anywhere yet.

"True stereo in and out" and a handful of free effects. Looks great on the surface, anybody know this pedal, or seen it at the new price anywhere?


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My faux Rhodes needs a little help so I thought I'd give this a try. Posted on this a while back and the price drop(along with a the now free IAP's) is now stateside. Giving it a whirl.



(Lightning connector not included)

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Just got it today...really dig the Red Choral Detuner, Blue Pearl Chorus, Filter Envelope, Jet Flanger, Majic Fingers Vibrato, Snake Charmer Tremolo, and Vanishing Point Delay. Only a couple of the distortions do it for me with keys: Tube Screamer (it's better than I remember when I had the real deal), Fuzzy, and DOD Gonkulator. Most of the others have annoying artifacts in the high end that require heavy EQ to tame for keys...they probably sound much better on guitar.


So I need nine or ten more of the pedals so to have instant access to my faves...ha!


REAL happy with this pedal...such an incredible bargain!

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Well, "Psycho pedal" just arrived today and now I'm upset because the intention was to find "the" effect just to help my faux Rhodes. There's...just...too...many...nice...effects to choose from.

So far it's pretty sweet, and psychotic because it is completely unassuming and mundane in appearance.

Try going anywhere to sample let's say, maybe twenty different pedals. Just did so here in about 20 minutes without disconnecting and reconnecting anything.

Rotator's not in the game but Snake Charmer, Blue Pearl, Jet Flanger and many others are quite nice.

Did I say psycho? Oddly enough, the "Unplugged" effect bought real excitement to my "Rhodes". Crazier still, when I called up an old Yammy Acoustic Guitar patch it sounded utterly astounding through the iStomp. Hats off to the FX designers at Digitech, they're doing their homework for sure.

BTW, I noticed an update for one of the FX. Yo Diggity guys, go check out a few Leslie sims(read:Vent) and comeback with an update for Rotator.

But that's crazy. Did I just ask for more?

Happy camper here!

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Holy smokes, I know what you mean! I've decided to go with the Vanishing Point Delay for tonight's gig because you can turn the first two knobs all he way down and he last two knobs about half way up and have a nice bit of stereo chorus when no delay is needed. Oh, but that Red Coral Detuner has got to be the most amazing chorus I've ever heard. Good golly...so close to ordering another one.


Thanks for posting and re-posting this, zuk.

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Are you plugging straight into the pedal or using it in some sort of effects loop?


If it's straight in - and it's off - can you hear it affecting the "clean" sound coming from the keyboard?


I ask because I'm gigging with one keyboard - and a lot of the time it just needs to be a piano.

I'm the piano player "off of" Borrowed Books.
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L/R output of the piano straight into the pedal and then out to the mix, for now. And it appears to be completely clean when in bypass.

One thing to remember is that it needs power to operate in either state. Lose power at the pedal and you lose all output.

As "versatile" as the iStomp is, I'd rather set it and forget it right now, and just use it for spicing up my base keyboard.

( BTW, I did have a wah-pedal in the loop for my "Clav" on the piano but discovered that the Envelope Filter in the iStomp does a VERY nice attack based wah effect and pretty much eliminates the need for a "manual" wah-pedal. But...now the 30 second rule applies if I want to reload the IStomp for a Rhodes spicing up effect)

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One more thing about this little stinker. Noticing an update for one of the he apps, and also seeing that Adrian Belew(noted guitarist) has his own custom app. still out there(The Impossible Pedal), perhaps there's a chance that other people might be able to offer up IStomp applets (READ: HEY MOE!!!).

There's a lot of banter going on over at the guitarists forums and I wonder if we're looking at something that might go "open", and offer SDK's allowing us to roll our own applets.

Dunno, but at the heart of it all is an "AudioDNA2" dsp chip which is the dsp found in most of Digitech's FX boxes, harmonizers and such.

Way cool, just the guts in a tiny little pedal. And if you're already wrangled into iOS you've already got the "front end".

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