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Discovered an Editing function in the Motif!


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Discovered an editing component of the motif (xf), and thought Id post it just in case it helps anyone else.


Disclaimer: This will probably be of no use to non-motif users, or anyone who has actually read their manual!! ;) But, I tend to gloss over reading too much of the manual, so I end up discovering things much later than i should!!!


First a couple of things:

I pretty much use my motif for gigging.

I use a motif xf6, and a weighted 88 for a controller only. Only the motif generates sound (for simplicity / no need for additional mixer).

My main gig is in an 80s band, but I play with a few other groups as well.

The 80s band likes the challenge of sounding like the original recording, so I put some effort into getting the correct sounds/splits/setups.


Since I only use the motif for sound generation, I've run into polyphony problems a few times. Parts of these problems have been caused by my laziness in setting up sounds for songs. I tend to layer pads over pianos for some of the slow, lush keyboard-heavy songs. When setting these up, Ill just start stacking sounds and it doesn't take much to run out, while playing 1/4 (or 1/8) note chords/and little signature licks, all while holding the sustain.


One example is on the Journey tune 'Faithfully', as it transitions to the ending chorus's/guitar solo, there is an arpeggiated repeating line, that I like to trigger with the sequencer, while still playing the piano/pad that I start the song with, and then adding extra strings for a big ending.


With the piano and pad layered with strings, if I dont remain sparse with the sustain pedal, it would start cutting off (stealing) the end of the notes of the sequenced arpeggio.


Well, I found something in the 'common edit' part of the voice edit. Most of the stock sounds on the motif have "Key Assign Mode" set to "multi". That is, if you keep hitting the same key while sustaining, it retriggers additional voices of the same note. This causes two problems for me, the sound gets louder as the additional notes start stacking, and it uses extra (unnecessary) polyphony. If it is set to "single" it just triggers one note at a time, each time you re-hit the key. On a sustaining pad with soft attack, I cant even tell the difference. Except, it saves a lot of polyphony!!


Sorry for the rambling, it is a pretty basic thing now that I know its there, but it just solves a few annoyances Ive had for a while!


And remember kids, stay in school, and read your manuals!! :cool:


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