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"Kneebody" band


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"Kneebody is an American band formed in 2001, consisting of Adam Benjamin on keyboards, Shane Endsley on trumpet, Ben Wendel on tenor sax, Kaveh Rastegar on bass, and Nate Wood on drums. They are "a resolutely un-pindownable band" [1] acclaimed for their eclectic style, which "uses a common jazz instrumentation to make a somewhat less common amalgam of urban-signifying genres, from electro-pop to punk-rock to hip-hop."




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Love that tune. I think there's been a thread on them here already.


Where's all the gorgeous women in the audience? There ain't none! It's all t-shirt wearing broke-ass introspective jazz geeks. Ha, well, that's just the world we live in. I'd support these guys, without a doubt.

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