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OT Latest update on iTunes!


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Latest iTunes update is 229.6 MB. What is your opinion about.. constantly updating an app like iTunes that already works.

(And don't forget how iTunes 11. annoyed many, and it is difficult to go back to the previous version.. thank you Apple.)


Filling up my HD with updates that are not security related... or don't seem to be?

Thank you

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I updated on my MacMini because I use the Match system and that is the computer that uploads to the cloud and streams to my Sonos network. My guess is a lot of recent updates have to do with Match and Apple Radio. I have not bothered to update other computers.
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Updating on my macs, but like Joe P, not updating on windows for a couple of years. It's probably just as stable on one platform as on another, but on my windows pc there seems to be a perpetual tug of war between Real Player, Windows Media Player and Itunes.
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I did it this AM on my Mac without thinking twice about it. :idk:


I was happier about the update for GarageBand 10 that fixed the missing Audio Units controls that I only discovered the other day. I love it when a bug fix comes right after I discover the bug but before I get a chance to look for other reports or fixes online. :)

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They have to update for OS, new hardware & features. iTunes supports iPads, iPods, iPhones & Apple TV for multiple versions.

So what may be stable for you may not be for others. The latest version supports iTunes radio which is pretty good. Granted if you have Spotify you don't need it, but they are not developing for just you. Unless you suggest they not release any more iPhones, Macs, iPods & iPads its unrealistic to think that iTunes is going to remain stagnate. Apple created iTunes to be a portal to all their hardware devices and supporting services, so its going to continuously be in development. I wouldn't expect just bug fixes. The size is not really all that surprising, name one major software package that remains the same size for as many years as iTunes has been out. The adage that software is a gas, it expands to fit its container holds true no matter what company is producing it. I have seen text editors that big (emacs!)

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