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Transposing by octaves on splits for Alesis Vortex

Bob L

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If there is a prior post on this, my apologies in advance. I recently bought an Alesis Vortex ( for $149, it is pretty nice!). It took a while to get the hang of programming it but I am coming along. However, I am trying to program a split and transpose either side of the split more than one octave. I found that one knob will tranpose in 1/2 steps, but I am hoping to transpose by octaves ( for example, piano on left of split and a lead sound on the right). I tried using the octave up/down on the "neck" but that doesn't seem to work while programming. The manual isn't the best and I didn't find anything online that had instructions specifically for that. I must be missing a trick here....


Other than that, I like the Vortex a lot!

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