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OT - Uriah Heep calendar Kickstarter project


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I guess it cannot be considered spamming since I have no financial gains in this ... Ioannis wants to release a Uriah Heep calendar, and has gone the Kickstarter route:


Klickstart me


So far, there's a disappointingly low amount of backers, including yours truly (for the regular calendar - I would love to pledge upwards of $250 but I just don't have the cash for it) and I am guessing the whole project will be canceled.


But I know a few of you are Uriah Heep fans, so I figured I would give it a shot :)


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Well, 24 so far :thu: Looks like it won't happen. To be fair, had they just made a calendar and put it up for sale on the website, it probably would have sold more than the way they go about it now, IMHO.




Then again, singer/songwriter/author Andrew Peterson did a Kickstarter campaign last month, to publish the 4th book in a series he's written (The Wingfeather Saga - quite good in a CS Lewis Narnia/Tolkien/L'Engle way). He was asking for $14,000; ended up with $114,000. Sometimes these things work really well.


Conversely, Edison's Children is doing a pre-order campaign for their new album. Things were going swimmingly, until the British postal service increased their shipping rates, so the cost of shipping the cd's, t-shirts etc. jumped enormously and is eating into the profits. Sometimes you just can't catch a break.

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